How are we doing?

So far this season has gone well. At the Smithville Qualifier on 12/12/15 we ranked 18th overall in the qualifying matches. During the alliance selection, we were selected as the first seed’s (team 7357 Titanium Tech) second pick, alongside team 4587 The Red Hot Techie Peppers. Our alliance went on to be the winning alliance in the elimination matches. Along side being on the winning alliance, we advanced to state by winning first place in the Inspire Award.

At the qualifier at UMKC on January 30th, 2015, we ranked 1st overall in the Truman division, winning all five of our matches, during the qualifying rounds. This allowed us to be the first alliance captain going into the Truman division Semifinals. For our alliance we picked team 3409 the Astromechs and team 4962 the Rocketts. After sweeping the semifinals and finals of the Truman division, we then went on to face the winning alliance from the Kauffman division. After suffering our first loss of the day, we came back and won the last round of elimination matches. Doing so got us another state qualifying spot but as we had already qualified, they skipped over the spot.

The state competition came, the state competition went by. Even though we only came out of it as the 2nd alternate for super-regional, we are still super proud of our team and bot. At the competition we were in the “S” division and seeded 2nd in the division, winning 4 of our 5 matches. This led to us being the 2nd alliance captain for our division. For our alliance we selected team 8856 Glendale Robotics Blue, and team 6387 the Brobots. In the elimination round we won our first match, but then lost the next two, getting eliminated from the competition.

Plans for the rest of the season.

Now that our official season is over, we are starting to work on possible outreach and fundraising events, and even some off-season competitions. We are in the beginning stages of hosting an off-season competition for us, the 8 junior FTC teams at ONW, and possibly other nearby teams as a way to either get new members of teams an early experience or give graduating members one last competition.